Trail Area Map

The Pocumtuck Ridge Trail is north-south in orientation and about 15 miles long. Its southern end is at South Sugarloaf mountain in South Deerfield, MA. Its northern end is on Rocky Mountain in Greenfield, MA. The trail follows the ridgeline most of the way, with views to both east and west.

Though the trail is fairly well blazed, trail maps are hard to come by. The map here is built from GPS data gathered while hiking the trail.

The markers on this map highlight selected points of interest along the trail. Hover over any marker to see the name of what's at that location. Click on any marker for a bubble with more info. For areas where markers overlap, zooming in helps.

Trail Sections

This section breakdown is a way to refer to the major segments of the trail, which for the most part are defined by their road crossings. From south to north:

Note on Section 6: This section has ben disrupted and is in transition. A huge clearcut on the north side of Keets Road in 2016 obliterated the south portion of trail in that section. An alternative trail has been blazed, meeting Keets road about 1/4 mile up from the powerline cut. Access at the northern end of this section remains awkward.