The ridge

About the Trail

The Pocumtuck Ridge Trail is north-south in orientation and about 15 miles long. Its southern end is at South Sugarloaf mountain in South Deerfield, MA. Its northern end is on Rocky Mountain in Greenfield, MA.

The trail follows the ridgeline most of the way, offering many views east and west from its traprock cliffs. Much of the trail is on conservation land.

Blue blazes mark the trail, including occasional blue square metal markers bearing the name of the trail and a hiker logo.

Trail Sections

This section breakdown is a way to refer to the major segments of the trail. For the most part these are defined by road crossings, many of which feature parking areas or pulloffs.

  • Section 1: Route 116 to Hillside Road
  • Section 2: Hillside Road to Stage Road
  • Section 3: Stage Road to Pine Nook Road
  • Section 4: Pine Nook Road to Rices Ferry Road
  • Section 5: Rices Ferry Road to Keets Road
  • Section 6: Keets Road to Hope Street
  • Section 7: Hope Street to Mountain Road
  • Section 8: Mountain Road to Turners Falls Road
  • Section 9: Turners Falls Road to Wunsch Road

Note on Section 6: Most of this section of the trail has been disrupted by the creation of a multi-acre photovoltaic facility. There have been some guerilla attempts at re-routing, but as of 2021 there is no reliable blazed route through Section 6.

Trip Planning

History, Reference, Information Elsewhere

One of “Four fabulous hikes in Western Mass” (NBC News)
…a vantage point for the Connecticut River Valley’s geological history and mythic lore…
History of the Pocumtuc tribe
Perhaps as many as 5,000 in 1600, the Pocumtuc population declined rapidly from epidemic and wars with the Iroquois and English…
Pocumtuck Range (Wikipedia)
…the northern-most subrange of the Metacomet Ridge mountain range of southern New England…
Pocomtuc Indians (Wikipedia)
Among the members of the Pocumtuck tribe was Chief Wawanotewat, better known as “Greylock”…
The giant beaver legend (Wikipedia)
… the Pocumtuck range is actually the petrified remains of a giant beaver…
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