Pocumtuck Ridge Trail

The Pocumtuck Ridge Trail is a hiking trail that extends from South Sugarloaf mountain in Deerfield, MA northward to Rocky Mountain in Greenfield, MA. Approximately 15 miles long, it is accessible from many trailheads and features dramatic views from its traprock cliffs. Much of the trail is on conservation land. Blue blazes mark the trail, with the addition of small blue square metal markers at certain locations.

Trip Planning

History, Reference, Information Elsewhere

Pocumtuck Range (Wikipedia)
...the northern-most subrange of the Metacomet Ridge mountain range of southern New England...
Pocomtuc Indians (Wikipedia)
Among the members of the Pocumtuck tribe was Chief Wawanotewat, better known as "Greylock"...
The giant beaver legend
..."The earth over the beaver's head we call Sugarloaf, his body [Pocumtuck Ridge] lies just to the north of it"...
Deerfield Academy lost ski area
New England Lost Ski Areas Project
Appalachian Mountain Club, Berkshire Chapter
Sponsor of the trail
Greenfield Recreation (Highland Park, Temple Woods, Rocky Mountain Park)
PRT is in blue. Courtesy of the Town of Greenfield.
The New England Trail (NET)
Big brother to the PRT

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